December 01, 2023
Explore our in-depth review of Lately AI, a cutting-edge tool for social media management and content optimization. Discover how its AI-driven features, multilingual support, and robust analytics can amplify your brand's online presence. Learn about its pricing, unique capabilities, and how it compares to similar products in the market.

Lately, AI has focused on business lead generation through social selling and brand amplification. It transforms long-form content into targeted and effective social media posts, boasting up to 12000% more engagement.

The tool works in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and German. Lately, AI offers a range of products such as AI content writing, social analytics, social media marketing, and video auto generators. It integrates with platforms like HubSpot, Hootsuite, Sprinkler, Salesforce, UpContent, and Grammarly.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Converts various content types into compelling social media posts Documentation and help centre links are problematic (404 errors) 
Claims of a significant increase in social media engagement There is no clear indication of unique features compared to similar tools
Multilingual capabilities Lack of recent reviews and customer feedback
Wide range of integrations with major platforms Uncertain effectiveness of the AI compared to other tools like GPT
Analytics-focused approach for optimizing social media strategies Limited support channels and unclear pricing for some services 





  • AI Content Writer: Transforms text, video, and audio into social media content.
  • Social Analytics: Provides insights into content performance across social platforms.
  • Social Media Marketing: Helps create and manage social media strategies.
  • Social Selling: Focuses on generating leads through social media interactions.
  • Video Auto Generator: Converts various forms of content into video format.
  • Employee Advocacy: Encourages employee engagement in brand promotion.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers content creation in several languages.
  • Integration Capability: Works seamlessly with platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce.




Lately, AI provides two main pricing plans:

1. Small Business Plan: Ranges from $49 to $200 per month, offering services like hashtag recommendations, post scheduling, and up to unlimited social channels.

2. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger businesses, focusing on advanced analytics, AI-optimized scheduling, and topic recommendations. The pricing for this plan is not explicitly stated.

Both plans include essential features for managing social media content effectively.


Similar Products

  • Copy AI: Similar AI content generation tool.
  • WordTune: Offers content optimization and rewriting services.
  • Jounce, Ghostwriter, Crea Square:** Other alternatives in the market primarily rely on AI technologies like GPT-3.

These products provide similar functionalities but differ in specific features and implementations.



What Makes Lately Unique

The unique selling point of Lately AI seems to be its analytics-driven approach, optimizing social media strategies based on detailed insights. The AI-powered content writer and auto-generator tools are standard, but their effectiveness is uncertain compared to other AI tools like GPT. The tool's integration capabilities and multilingual support are notable features.


Integrations and Documentation

Lately, AI has integrated with various platforms, including HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Salesforce, but the lack of detailed information and problematic documentation (404 errors) is a concern. The help centre primarily consists of Loom videos, which were inaccessible at the time of review.


Customer Reviews

On platforms like G2, AI has recently received generally positive feedback, with minor bug reports and feature requests. However, recent reviews are scarce, making it difficult to gauge current user satisfaction. 


Final Thoughts

AI's real value appears to lie in its analytics capabilities, assuming they are as robust as suggested. The content writer and auto-generator tools are standard, but their effectiveness compared to direct GPT usage is not clearly superior. The range of integrations and multilingual support is beneficial, but the tool may not offer significantly unique features compared to its competitors. The lack of recent reviews and detailed documentation suggests a need for further evaluation before fully endorsing the tool.

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