September 08, 2023
Explore how AI technology such as Midjourney, can revolutionize digital creativity and business strategy. Delve into image generation, managing creations, and capitalizing on this technological advancement.

In today's rapidly evolving digital tech space, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are transforming how we engage with content and deploy strategies for growth. Among these tools, Midjourney emerges as a breakthrough platform capable of converting simple written commands into unique, high-quality images.

This simple, educational guide will explain what Midjourney can do, how to navigate its unique complexities, and why it's a valuable asset to small business owners, marketers, and digital entrepreneurs. With a promise of only helpful information, you get a full sail into the sea of Midjourney, making your skim read worthwhile.

Understanding how to improve your images requires knowing how this tool functions. Image generation on Midjourney relies heavily on an AI model generally known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). In layman's terms, two neural networks are involved: the generator attempts to form images that look like real-life objects from random noise.

Simultaneously, another network, the discriminator, begins its work by reviewing the produced images and making comparisons to natural images. This process aims to enhance the generator's ability to produce more authentic-looking images.

Some quick tips

Getting Started

  • Join the Midjourney Discord server to gain access
  • Link your Discord account to Patreon to subscribe ($10 minimum per month)
  • Use the /imagine command in the Midjourney channel to generate images

Prompt Basics

  • Keep prompts short, specific and detailed
  • Include adjectives and style keywords like "futuristic", "retro"
  • Use other images or artists as reference points

Advanced Prompts

  • Chain modifiers like "woman in red dress in Times Square at night"
  • Give lighting cues: "dramatic backlighting" or "soft light"
  • Add number of subjects: "a group of 4 businessmen"
  • Specify size: "a large alien spaceship"
  • Request formats: "a gif", "low poly art"

Useful Commands

  • /imagine generates 4 image variations
  • /u to upscale image resolution
  • /edit [prompt] to further iterate and refine
  • /variation [1-4] to pick your favorite iteration
  • /info to view image details

Avoiding AI Bias

  • Avoid harmful stereotypes around race, gender, appearance
  • Use inclusive language: "person", "folks" vs "girl"/"guy"
  • Don't impose unsuitable roles or activities

Crediting AI Art

  • Credit Midjourney as the AI source
  • Don't claim AI art as your own creation
  • Use watermarks linking back to Midjourney


More on AI image generation

With the sharp rise in AI's role within the digital tech space, companies like Midjourney are laying the chain links for other sectors to convert written commands into visual creations spanning a gamut of styles and conceptualizations. This sophistication is on display in the random designs within the Midjourney community, where users across the globe relay their experiences with the tool.

However, such an advanced system isn't without its complexities. The public group setting, for instance, can seem a bit chaotic for newcomers. Trying to keep up with the fast-paced stream of requests and results can be daunting, as your entries quickly get lost amidst thousands of others. Even when located, your results are fleetingly available before disappearing seconds later, making it challenging to follow your entries effectively.

To manage this, Midjourney allows users to jump to their most recent results by clicking the inbox icon at the platform's top right. Here, you can enjoy the randomly generated images based on your instructions. However, note that you're allowed only 25 jobs as a free user. This allowance might be sufficient for exploring the tool's essential features, but to unleash the full potential of Midjourney, it's necessary to subscribe to a paid plan.

A notable advantage of the paid plan is the ability to chat directly with the bot. This engagement eliminates keeping track of your creations within the bustling public group context. To begin your journey towards greater Midjourney functionality, you must type forward slash subscribe in the message box, follow the link to the sign-up page and choose a suitable plan.

Once you become a premium subscriber, you can locate the Midjourney bot within any group, right-click on it, and select the message, allowing you to interact with it directly in your Discord direct messages inbox. Notably, there's an alternative way to organize your projects by creating your own server within Discord and inviting the Midjourney bot to it.

After generating your creation through the steps mentioned above, you can either re-roll the images for a refreshingly different set or view four variations of the initial image provided by clicking one of the four grid squares. Exploring these options allows you to churn out more diverse ideas.

When engaging with AI such as Midjourney, It is essential to remember that venturing into something as creative as making AI art is more experimental than exact. It's best to approach it with vague ideas and allow the AI to interpret those as it sees fit. Giving too specific or complex commands may not result in the desired outcome.

Once you've sufficiently explored and experimented with various commands and images, it's time to take the next step and explore some of the settings on the platform.

As AI technology continues to evolve and disrupt the entire digital ecosystem, it's clear that tools such as Midjourney are set to play an increasingly significant role in areas such as content and business strategy development, SEO, and overall business growth. Shaping the future of numerous industries, they offer immense potential for creativity, efficiency, and innovation.

They save time and resources and provide opportunities for creating unique, high-quality content. History has shown us that those who adapt to technological advancements prosper - Midjourney is, undoubtedly, a technological advancement worth adapting to.


In a world of constant technological advances, embracing AI tools like Midjourney is no longer an option - it's a necessity. With a varied palette of uses, it promises a capacity for content creation and a competitive advantage in strategizing for business growth and SEO.

By adapting and integrating into the Midjourney user community, you unlock a universe of potential, inspirations, and digital victories. So consider this - is a journey with Midjourney the key to future-proofing your business endeavours and achieving innovative strides?

The answer is a resounding yes! And this straightforward, instructive guide has set you off on the right foot. Now, go ahead and sail more profound into the realms of AI-powered image generation, carving your mark in the digital realm.

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