April 29, 2024
Discover how I transformed ChotMai from a fast file transfer service for Thai students into a promising video-on-demand platform. Learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurial agility, data-driven decision-making, and effective communication in this detailed case study exploring technological innovation and market adaptation in the Thai digital landscape.



In this case study, I'll share my journey in creating ChotMai, a fast file transfer service I initially designed for Thai students. Little did I know that this side project would evolve into a promising video-on-demand platform.

This experience taught me valuable lessons about innovative problem-solving and the importance of strategic pivots based on market understanding and user behaviour insights.



I started ChotMai as a side project to keep my in-house development team engaged during a lull in client work.

As a digital marketer, I knew that the Thai market needed a fast file transfer service, as popular services like Google Drive and Dropbox were hampered by server locations primarily outside Thailand.

I built ChotMai using PHP, and it quickly gained traction among Thai students who needed to transfer large files quickly.




As ChotMai grew, I faced a significant challenge in enhancing user engagement and transitioning free users to a paid model. This was complicated because Thai users preferred bank transfers over online credit card transactions.

Additionally, I had to ensure that the service maintained user trust and compliance without accessing or viewing the contents of the transferred files. These challenges required creative problem-solving and a deep understanding of the local market.


The Pivotal Moment

The turning point for ChotMai came during a routine analysis of the transferred files' types and sizes. I noticed that a significant portion of the transfers involved video files, which piqued my curiosity.

After conducting further research into the Thai film industry, I discovered a gap in the distribution process post-cinema release, which was primarily managed through DVDs sold in local stores like 7-Eleven. This insight was the catalyst for the strategic pivot that would transform ChotMai.


Strategic Pivot

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I decided to pivot ChotMai towards a video-on-demand platform explicitly tailored to the Thai market.

My goal was to cater to both large-budget productions and independent filmmakers by providing a streamlined distribution channel directly to consumers.

I knew that this initiative had the potential to be particularly advantageous, as it was before the rise of global streaming giants like Netflix in the region.



To bring this vision to life, I worked closely with my development team, leveraging the agile principles we had learned from past projects.

We focused on enhancing the infrastructure to support streaming services while maintaining the core capability of fast file transfers.

This dual functionality allowed ChotMai to offer unique value propositions to its users, setting it apart from other platforms in the market.


Communication and Management

Throughout the development process, I realized that effective communication was critical to the pivot's success. I consciously tried to adopt agile methodologies, favouring frequent, short meetings to ensure alignment and swift decision-making among my team.

Additionally, I planned to integrate AI technologies to automate the documentation and summarisation of updates, facilitating better and more frequent communication with stakeholders.


Outcomes and Lessons Learned

The pivot to a video-on-demand platform was met with positive reception from independent filmmakers seeking direct access to audiences. Although the full transition was not realised before the agency was folded, the initial responses and user engagement strongly validated the concept.


Through the ChotMai project, I learned several valuable lessons:


Data-driven insights are crucial for identifying and capitalising on market opportunities. By analysing user behaviour, I uncovered a significant gap in the Thai film distribution process and adapted my business model accordingly.


Adaptability is key to staying relevant in the fast-paced tech industry. The ability to pivot based on market research and user needs was instrumental in transforming ChotMai from a file transfer service to a budding video-on-demand platform.


Effective communication is essential, especially when undertaking significant shifts in business strategy. By adopting agile methodologies and prioritizing clear, frequent communication, I was able to keep my team aligned and make swift decisions throughout the development process.



My experience with ChotMai taught me firsthand the importance of entrepreneurial agility and the power of data-driven decision-making.

While ChotMai was ultimately not continued, the lessons I learned from its development and pivot have impacted my approach to new projects and strategies in the digital marketing realm.



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